The Galápagos Islands & Bellavista Cloud Forest


From the Amazon Basin to the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador offers some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.  While sailing in the Galapagos, Charles Darwin formulated his theory of evolution, which is no surprise as you walk the black basalt islands, encountering blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, giant tortoises and thirteen species of finches.  It really does feel like a place out of time; as if you fell to the center of the earth. Beneath the water’s surface, you will have the chance to snorkel with penguins, sea lions, spotted eagle rays, and hammerhead sharks. On the mainland, Ecuador’s highlands offer rich history and snow covered volcanoes.  On the southeastern slopes of the Andes, the headwaters of the Amazon flow through dense tropical rainforest, sheltering toucans, marmosets, howler monkeys, jaguars and 140 species of hummingbirds.

This itinerary was crafted for a couple who had a lifelong dream to visit the Galápagos. This itinerary was combined with two weeks in Peru visiting Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Nazca Lines.

Day 1  : Arrive in Quito, Ecuador. Free day to explore Quito.
Day 2  : Full day private tour of Cotopaxi National Park.
Day 3  : Free day in Quito.
Day 4  : Fly from Quito to the Galápagos Islands.
Day 5  : Embark on your week long cruise through the Galápagos Islands. Snorkel San Cristobal.
Day 6  : Hike along Espanola.
Day 7  : Birdwatch, hike, and engage with locals on Floreana.
Day 8  : Encounter giant tortoises in their natural habitat on Santa Cruz Island.
Day 9 : Explore Santa Cruz Island, Bartolome, Chinese Hat, South Plaza Island, and North Seymour.
Day 10  : Disembark. Return to Quito.
Day 11  : Private transfer to Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge.
Day 12  : Enjoy birding tours, waterfall hikes, and nighttime wildlife hikes with guide.  
Day 13  : Morning, hiking and birding. Afternoon, transfer back to Quito.
Day 14  : Depart Quito. Fly home.


Banner: Blue-footed boobie - Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (Sullivan Peraino)

Bottom Left: Galápagos land iguana (about the size of a small dog) - Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (Sullivan Peraino)

Bottom Right: Evening canoe trip at Sacha Eco Lodge - Amazon Basin, Ecuador (Sullivan Peraino)